As producer and presenter

Time In The Time Of Covid” The Philosopher’s Zone ABC Radio National, 11 October 2023

“What’s New in Death?”  Part  1 and Part  2  The Philosopher’s Zone ABC Radio National,  August  2022

Memorial cairn to the Lost Boys, Musk


The Lost Boys of Daylesford” The History Listen ABC Radio National 16 March 2021 


The Bonhoeffer MomentThe Philosopher’s Zone ABC Radio National 15 December 2019

Gloomy Sunday” The Philosopher’s Zone ABC Radio National 8 September 2019

Last Light: The Valentich MysteryThe History Listen ABC Radio National 4 June 2019




Deakinstruction (ongoing podcast, 2019-)

As main guest/panellist

The Digital DeadThe Philosopher’s Zone ABC Radio National 5 July 2020

Is Satire an Ethical Form of Speech?The Minefield ABC Radio National 27 June 2018

Can We Do Without Trust?The Minefield ABC Radio National 3 January 2018

Personal Identity: A Primer” The Philosopher’s Zone ABC Radio National 8 October 2017

Is the Truth Still Out There? Why Do Conspiracy Theories Persist?The Minefield ABC Radio National 17 March 2016