I’m senior lecturer in philosophy at Deakin University, in Melbourne, Australia.

I’ve previously held fellowships at the University of Hertfordshire (where I remain a Research Fellow), the University of Copenhagen, and St Olaf College, Minnesota.

My work sits at the intersections of the Continental and Analytic traditions, with research interests in 19th and 20th Century European Philosophy, personal identity, narrative selfhood, moral psychology, death and remembrance, and philosophy of religion. A particular focus of my work has been bringing Kierkegaard into dialogue with contemporary analytic philosophy of personal identity and moral psychology, as well as exploring temporal and perspectival aspects of the question of selfhood.

I’m a regular contributor to The Conversation, New Philosopher, and media commentator on philosophical matters.

When not doing philosophy or dad stuff, I’ve been known to muck around with the odd guitar, write/perform the odd bit of comedy, and take vaguely pretentious travel photos which you’ll see scattered around this site.